Sort Files into Existing Folders Based on file name and selection

I am a big novice to applescripting. I have done some google searches in trying to find a solution to my problem. What I would like to do it this: Everyday I create folders from using an Excel VBA based on information from that spreadsheet and today’s date. After these folders are created I would I need to move files into those folders. The folders and files both have numbers at the beginning of their names. i.e: 1Picture.jpg needs to be filed into 1_Folder. Right now I am manually copying these files into each folder. I am hoping to have a script that will run this automatically. Ideally, I would like a script that asks me where to pull the files from (as this location will change daily, and I am hoping to use this on multiple machines and with multiple users) and then automatically file them into the folders at a set path plus today’s date, i.e.: Permanent Master Folder/Secondary Permanent Folder/Today’s Date/

Does this make sense? I hope so. Any and all help is welcome!


PS- I am running Mac OS X 10.9.5 - That was not an option below.