Sort Finder selection by property using Choose From List

I again needed this helpful topic, in which @Nigel Garvey provided a solution, and I tried to supplement it with Choose From List functionality in post #3.

Since then I have gained some experience, and now I see the following improvement (code reduction) may be useful for users:

-- get Finder selection, sorted by criteria chosen in the Choose From List 

tell application "Finder" to set sortOrders to {a reference to name, a reference to kind, a reference to creation date, a reference to modification date, a reference to size, a reference to comment, a reference to version, a reference to label index}
set sortOrderNames to {"Name", "Kind", "Creation Date", "Modification Date", "Size", "Comment", "Version", "Label Index"}

set sortOrder to choose from list sortOrderNames with prompt "Choose Method to Sort By"
if sortOrder is false then return
set sortOrder to item 1 of sortOrder
repeat with aPosition from 1 to count sortOrderNames
	if item aPosition of sortOrderNames is sortOrder then exit repeat
end repeat

tell application "Finder" to sort selection by (item aPosition of sortOrders)