Sorting mail from a mailbox and create a printable document

Hello again to all MacScripter geeks!

Here is my problem, hopefully somebody can suggest me a solution which is beyond my own, modest, skills… :slight_smile:

I have some old files containing a collection of mail messages of some importance to me.
The messages were saved in standard Unix “mailbox” format and importing them into, was easy, just a matter of a couple of clicks to get my 143 messages back into a separate folder (the power of standards!).
I would like now to organize all messages into a single, printable, document.
One message each page, if one message is too long, multiple pages is OK.
A pdf document would actually be great but that should be easy to achieve saving the printout in PDF format.

I guess there are scripts around that do this but have not been able to find a suitable one.

Could anybody please give hints towards a possible solution based either on a AppleScript or an Automator workflow?

Many many thanks in advance to this great forum. :slight_smile:


edit: I have slightly modified my text for clarity.

Model: iMac G4/700 + ibook G4/1200
AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Safari 522.12.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

OK, I have narrowed down the problem to a manual procedure, still don’t know how to script/automate this.

It is possible to select all docs from a folder in and print them in pdf format in a folder made available somewhere.
(on the desktop for instance)

At this point all .pdf docs can be joined using preview (new feature available in Leopard) into a multipage document.

Big question now is how to automate the above procedure as I can’t see a suitable action for printing in pdf format Mail messages.