Sound Studio popup buttons

Hi, I’m having a scripting problem and I was hoping that maybe someone out there could lend me a hand. Assistance would be much appreciated.

I am trying to script Sound Studio to do my liking. Part of my liking is to set selection from one marker to the next. Except Sound Studio doesn’t appear to have intelligently labeled the popup buttons in the “Set Selection…” window, at least according to UI element inspector. On top of this, I am not even sure what the correct syntax to manipulate popups is. Does anyone have any experience with popup buttons and their menus? Or at least Sound Studio?

D :lol:

Seems that such popup button doesn’t work through GUI scripting, but you could learn how to invoke markers (in its dictionary) and get their location in seconds, then using the select audio command.
But I don’t know the syntax to access a marker in a document. :x