Sparkle Framework not working ...

Hello everyone,

I set up Sparkle just as indicated here :
and everything works fine.

Except when I add a new RSS it just keeps telling me that my app is up to date.
I checked the XML file and everything looks alright … including the links and all that !

What am I doing wrong ? Could it be something that is not set up right ?

Have you added the SUFeedURL key in info.plist?

Yes, checked 20,000 times if nothing was missing. And nothing is.

The update thingy DOES work, only when I create a RSS with Feeder and put it online, and restart my app for test, it doesnt say an update is available… hell if I believed the damn thing, I’d always be up to date !

Could it be something with caching?
You could try to flush your webservers cache or you could flush your local cache. If you update a file on your webserver it should work that way anyway, but you never know.