Special Characters in File and Folder names


I have no clue if this can even be done, but any input would be nice.

I have a client that has created a number of files and folders over the years (Since OS 9) that have / ? , ! @ # $ % & : ; * ( ) and other special characters in the names. OS X in general recognizes these files in the Finder and you can keep going from day to day. However, we are now trying to do a nightly backup to a NAS that is formatted as such not to recognize these characters in the names–especially in folders. So…

Is there an AppleScript way of searching a disk and replacing these characters with something acceptable?


Use “name those files”. See info in recent news posts at macscripter.com.

Or you could write a script to do it yourself, but name those files will save you the work.

Thank you! It was going to be a lot of work to get this done. “Name those files” will be great!