Speech Recognition record a "stream" without commands?

I am interested in coming up with an AppleScript that uses Speech Recognition to convert what the computer hears to text, but what the computer is listening to doesn’t have any “commands”, instead I just want the computer to listen in “short bursts” and transcribe what it hears.

Basically I want to experiment with a Twitter bot that tweets the random voices it hears pass by. So it listens, then when it hears enough for a tweet it posts it.

Thank you for your suggestions.

In AppleScript Editor go to the Window menu and click Library, then double click SpeechRecognitionServer, you will see everything you need there.

When I look there it suggests to me that SpeechRecognitionServer will listen for a particular phrase, but I’m interesting in having a script “transcribe” everything it hears. Maybe you have a suggestion for this? Thank you.

Ahhh sorry, I see. By looking in the library and in ASOC documentation, I don’t think it is possible at any level, only many ways to listen for set commands. You could add the dictionary as commands but that would destroy any Mac.