Speech Recognition Variable

So I know how to have the variable listening for a set of options from speech input, but what I want to do is have that option be anything.

I want to be able to have that variable listen for any input/anything the user says. I thought it would be a relatively simple thing to do but nobody on the internet seems to know how!


I’m searching for the exact same thing.
Some way to store a spoken sentence (or anything) into a varialbe, without any steps in between.

I hope some of the wizards here have an answer for us! :smiley:


It appears that no such thing exists!?

It is possibly related to the speech recognition servers lack of ability to dictate. It is only able to listen for an expected input!

Well, since we are getting our idea (or part of it) from Chad Barraford’s our Project Jarvis, I guess he encountered this issue too. He solved it by using a third party app (MacSpeech Dictate), to interpret the command “Jarvis”, and switch the mic setting to dictate.
Then he dictates the input, and Jarvis processes it.

I grabbed a copy of Dragon Dictate, and did as he did. The problem is, the “dictation” still needs to be fed to a dialog box, and it would be great to avoid this.
If dictations enters text the same way a keyboard does, then maybe a keylogger could be fired upon command to capture the dictation “behind the scenes” and store it to a variable in the script.

Another idea, would be to open dashboard with a Jarvis-widget ready to receive the input from the dictation.
You could exectue a widget with a do shell command, and it automagically opens the dashboard and focuses on the widget. The only problem would be to kill that widget before going on… or else you would have a cluttered dashboard full of jarvis-widgets…

Sadly, I do not know how to do this things…
Any ideas?

Brilliant! Would you like to share ideas and maybe work together? I have one essentially fatal issue. I run a G5, this is not compatible with that software. Strangely Chad barraford uses a low end mac mini with 512mb ram, surely this is a g5? I am looking into more suitable and compatible options for me, I don’t like the need for this dialogue box either!

PM me your E-Mail address so we can share ideas and thoughts if you like? I have some cool script to incorporate into Jarvis!