Speed of Finder file ops in Leopard vs Tiger

I have several scripts that move around lots of files on our servers (Windows based). Like 100s and 1000s. Usually have a line in the script like

tell app "Finder"
set myFiles to get every file of folder X
end tell

Under Tiger, this runs very fast. I can get a list of files in, for example, 2 seconds. Under Leopard, this same script takes from 5-20x longer. Does anyone have any suggestions to speed this up? Or a reason why it’s so much slower?
To ward off questions about our servers- I still have a Tiger computer that runs the same scripts as fast as before, but a Leopard machine, working on files on the same server, is clearly slower. Of course I might chalk this up to some horrible networking implementation changes in 10.5 that can’t be fixed. But it’s a PITA because so many of my apps run on the network and often have to scan so many files.


Go around the finder with shell script’s find command.

I haven’t used that yet but that won’t give me things like date modified, size, etc., will it?
There are other reasons I might be using the Finder and though I can’t give a particular example right now, I’m sure using Shell won’t be practical in all situations.
Does anyone else see a massive slow down, or is it just me?

Perhaps fixed in 10.6?


For a folder containing a fair amount of files it is quite fast (e.g. my [cluttered] desktop folder).

But when I try to get a listing for a folder containing 10,000 files, it takes several minutes…

I am speaking of Snow Leopard.

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