Spinner Question

Hey all,
I want to include a spinner in my app. I know the method I need to use are startAnimation: and stopAnimation:

The spinner is included in a Tab view. My app runs a shell script and I want to display this spinner until the shell script finishes its operation

script MyAppDelegate
	property parent : class "NSObject"
        property aSpinner : missing value
        -- other properties...
on button_commitClick_(sender)
--- some code
aSpinner's startAnimation()
set retVal to do shell script "Some commands"

myFunc(retVal) of me

end button_commitClick_

on myFunc(retVal)
aSpinner's stopAnimation()
-- some piece of code
end script

I did a Ctrl-drag from ‘MyAppDelegate’ to ‘aSpinner’.
When I run my app, I get an error:

What did I miss ?

You missed the argument – the method is “startAnimation:” not “startAnimation”. Usually, if you are calling this from code you would just use “me” as the argument.


that did the trick. Thanks a lot