Spinning beach ball

Hi there!

Anyone knows how to make an ASS app use the spinning beach ball while it’s working?



Studio apps will use the beach ball when necessary. It’s part of Cocoa.

That is exactly what Apple recommends you not to do. Consider using a progress bar instead.
Why? Because you can always see it, whether your application is to the front or back. They look better. They convey exactly to the user what is going on. The user understands the app is still responsive. They know that the cursor still works as a pointer and clicker, not as a floating frisbee.

The only reason an app will display the spinning wheel is if it becomes unresponsive, due to the main (interface) thread becoming bogged down, which is a sign of a performance problem that needs to be fixed.

Progress cursors died with system modal dialogs.

If you don’t want a progress indicator, then give us your scenario and we’ll find the best option.

Hi guys, I fully agree with all u guys, trouble is I’m using a status bar, however I can still click on any button triggering new commands which I don’t want the user to be able to do…

Any idea?


How about setting “enabled of all active buttons of your relevant window to false” (Note: this is not the exact command) while your status bar is working to indicate progress for a specific task? I think you know what I mean by this. That way, the buttons are inaccessible to the user while work is in progress.

Either that or put your status bar in an attached panel that keeps the main window with all your task buttons inaccessible until the job is done.

For both of the above suggestions, don’t forget to activate all buttons (set enabled of every button of window “main” to true, for example) when you are done or when your program closes the attached panel.

Sorry, I could not test the above myself as I am away from my beloved Mac but I think they should work for you.

Good luck.

archseed :slight_smile: