splash image and app help


I’m working on a little application. I have several scripts that I use on a daily basis, and I’d like to kinda consolidate them.

What’s your advice as far as doing this project? I’d like to select the script I want to run from a list, but should that just link to an external script? or should they all just be subroutines in the same script? Got any examples I could look at?

Also, wondering if there’s a way to get a splash image to display when you first click this apps icon (I envision something like Photoshop’s splash screen).


A splash image is nature’s way of hiding the fact that an application is taking time to load.

No reason to use one unless your load time is high, a la Photoshop. :slight_smile:

This probably sounds dumb, but it’s more just for ‘show’.

I just want to have it look/behave more like a standard app.

Define “standard”. There are tons and tons of apps that don’t have splash screens.

Splash screens for the sake of splash screens are just annoying, because they increase the time it takes for the user to get to point where he or she can use the app. Imagine if iTunes or Safari had splash screens. :frowning:

(Sorry if it sounds like I’m shooting down rather than answering.)

That makes sense.