Split pane once collapsed messes up view

/ | Buttons here | /
/ /---------------------------------------------/ /
/ / Table Here / /
/ / / /
/ /--------------------------------------------/ /
/---------------------split pane-----------------/

When I collapse the split pane to the top and then open
back up, the table moves to the very top behind the buttons.

How do I keep the table from moving?

The table is set to expand in all directions as the window
is resized. The buttons are anchored to the top only so
they stay centered in the window.



Hi Craig,

I’m not familiar with your problem but have you tried using the size and bounds properties of the split view and table view to programatically set where the table view lies inside of the split view?

Hi Hank,

Thanks! I had not thought of that but it will definitely work.

Oh, btw, I set up a Ruby test using threads and on 110 records
parsing, encoding, putting in db and displaying in table view was 10 sec!

Of course all 4 processors kicked in pretty hard during that time.