sporatic selection

There’s more to this script, but it’s only this section I’m having trouble with. It’s the select line. The Adobe InDesign CS2 app is selected seemingly sporatically. Intially, I thought it was because I didn’t have the extension on the end, but after adding it and runing the process again, it still won’t select the program from the open dialog box. What can I do to make this the app be selected every time without fail?

tell application "System Events"
		tell process "UpdateInstaller"
			--Accepts the license agreement
			perform action "AXPress" of button 4 of window 1
			--Chooses InDesign application
			delay 7
			perform action "AXPress" of button 1 of window 1
			delay 10
			select "Macintosh HD:Applications:Adobe InDesign CS2:Adobe InDesign CS2.app"
			perform action "AXPress" of button 1 of window 1
		end tell
	end tell