spot to separated in quark

i am looking for a script to convert all spot colors to separated colors in quark. can anyone help?
thanks in advance,
gunga :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
Here one suggestion (tested with QXP 3.32 in MacOs9):

tell document 1 of application "QuarkXPressª 3.32" to set separation of (every color spec whose ¬
    (separation is false and locked is false and registration color is false)) to true


thanks for the quick response, but idiot that i am :oops: i forgot to mention a little classification…i am using OS X with quark 4.11. i can’t believe i left that out.
thanks again.

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Hi :slight_smile:
Did you tested this code with your version of QXP?
Please, try-it, because many of AppleScript events remained the same ones in the various versions of QXP.
I do not have QXP 4.11, but I tested with version 4.04 in MacOs9 successfully.
You must replace “QuarkXPress™ 3.32” in the code by the name of your version of QXP.