Spots To Process - Ai CS

Does anyone have a script that could convert all Spot Colors to Process colors in Illustrator CS?
Ideally it should leave any global process colors alone. Therefore, they should retain their “link” to the colors in the document.
If a Global Spot had to lose its link in the conversion process, that is OK.

Any thoughts on this, or is such a request out of scope?



I can’t remember where I picked up this beautiful little snippet of code but here’s a great one-liner…

tell application "Illustrator CS" to set color type of (spots of current document whose name is not "[Registration]" and its color type is spot color) to process color

You could throw it in a try block to avoid any errors at runtime.

Jim Neumann

I can’t believe it!
I was expecting some huge 100 line script, with lots of parameters. Nor, did I think any script was going to work without limitations.
This little script appears to do EXACTLY what I asked for. I should have posted this question a month ago. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much Jim! And thanks for reminding me of setting it in a try block. (a must for those non-spot documents.)


If this works for you, then I must need to update CS because I can’t get this line to work.:frowning:



What error is it throwing? I have Illustrator CS (11.0.0 - no updates) and she works like a charm.


Well now ain’t that interesting. Earlier it was erroring. Now I copied your script, compiled and ran but it did not error. However it did not change any spot colors to process either. I was going to do some extra code to see what was happening and decided not to and then tried to run the script as is and it gives this error now.

I experienced some other weirdness earlier when trying to rename a file and it renamed the file with chinese characters. I had restarted the computer and things seem to be ok, but . . .


Pardon me if this is already known:
But I have seen my operators mistake a global process as being a spot color?
Just want to make sure that you are not thinking this script will convert a global process to a regular swatch?


The reason it is throwing an error is because I have run the script on the same test doc once and changed everything. Eventhough the color in the color palette still shows the color as a spot if you double click the swatch it has been changed to cmyk. As I said before