writing an applescript to connect using ssh through terminal commands …

just wondering what those terminal commands are

you mean more than:

tell application "Terminal" to do script "ssh user@host"


dont u need an ip or sumthing?

That’s the ‘host’ part of the “user@host”

Can be either a DNS name ( or an IP address - basically whatever you’d normally use to connect to the machine if you were doing it manually.

how would i have a password …

it says it requires verification when i try

When the script runs, it should open a terminal window and run the ssh command. At this point the terminal will ask for the password for the user. Just type in the password and hit enter. For more info on ssh try ‘man ssh’ in the terminal. Use the space bar to scroll down the text.

Good Luck.

i use do shell script so it wont prompt for a password

Can you just use ssh ?


No. ssh doesn’t support passwords in this form.

I’m confused…

why “do shell script 'ssh user@host” instead of “do script 'ssh user@host”??? :?:

Doing it the second way fixes the problem. Doing it the first way gives you no connection since you have to run ssh in the terminal.

Am I missing something here?


ugh …

one is automatic and in the backround whiel the other pops up terminal


Exactly my point. ssh is a terminal app not a gui app. So even after you connect in the terminal you get no use out of ssh without using the terminal.

You may want to use the finder to connect to your machine through afp and tunnel it through ssh. Then you have a connection through your Volumes directory.

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