stack overflow error

i can’t give a lot of info here because i don’t know what’s causing it, but i can manage to break my app with a stack overflow error if i push it too hard. what’s the best approach (or just more information) to debug this?


AS’s stack overflow error is caused by too many nested handler calls. e.g. Infinitely recursing recursive routines are a common source.


hmm… i definitely am using nested handler calls, but they should not be infinite. there are at least 3 i’m using in this script, so i wouldn’t know which one is causing the error and why. what’s the best way to debug with xcode.

on a related note, isn’t there a way to have xocde stop when an applescript error is encountered and show all variables and the point where it was in the script when the error happened? so far the only thing i’ve been able to do is try to guess where and put a breakpoint there.