Standard System Preferences across computers


was wondering if one could easily standardise settings across numerous computers AND across numerous users using AppleScript. Some parameters even differ if it’s an iMac or MBP. I guess I’d like a series of setting variables, but also getting certain infos (either a popup of in text file)

Here are some examples as I’m trying to see if it’s even worth starting.

Any feedback would be appreciated


ex System Preferences Trackpad (ie for MBP)
Scroll directions natural (uncheck)
setting Trackpad secondary click = click on right side

similarly System Preferences Mouse (for iMac)
setting Mouse secondary click = click on right side

set Dock Size
turn off Doc magnification

… the above should be looped for all users

list the computer name in Sharing (i.e. iMac 2012)

list all the users (i.e. user1, user2)

list the “manually configured” IP address for Ethernet in Network (ie.

setting energy saver times i.e. 15 mins

Note: is IP address and energy saving stored for each user? or my computer? How can one tell?
It seems I set the fixed IP address once but the entry and dock settings seem to be by user

In finder:
set Show Tab
set Show Path
set Show Status

in finder preferences
set show Hard Disk on desktop
Unset show connected servers
set Show all filename extensions

In the dock for Downloads:
Sort by Date
Display as stack
View content as list

On desktop:
show the list of the MacHD?