standard v custom suite

when I try to quit an application the quit command works as I’d expect.

With Microsoft Excel I can’t type quit, it always compiles to Quit which appparently starts Excel if it’s not running then quits it.

I see that the quit command is in the standard suite for Excel but Quit is in the custom suite.

How can I force Applescript to use the standard quit instead of Quit for Excel?

Microsoft Word (usiing Office X) doesn’t exhibit that behavior.


One of the many problems with the the AppleScript dictionaries for Mac Office was the inconsistancy with the “standard” suite. Office 2004 has a complete rewrite of the dictionaries and are MUCH more consistent with the "standard suite.

This is not much help for Office X though


I missed the part where you wrote about using Office X.

I’m not seeing the same thing for Word and Excell. If both apps aren’t running, they open and quit. Most if not all apps behave this way unless they don’t respond to AppleScript at all.


If you want the app to quit only if it is running, then you might do something like this:

tell application “System Events”
set ex_flag to (exists process “Microsoft Excel”)
end tell
if ex_flag then tell application “Microsoft Excel” to Quit