Start Multiple songs/videos in iTunes at specific time

can this be done using applescipt:

itunes gives the option of “start time” and “end time” for every song/video in Get Info/Options.

Is there a way to set a specific start time for multiple files or all the files in the entire playlist?



of course you can do it,
the class track of iTunes has start and finish properties

start get/set sing the start time of the track in seconds
finish get/set sing the stop time of the track in seconds

…i hope you got my question right…
i have a playlist …made of podcasts downloaded from the internet…each podcast has an intro video of 18 seconds at the start and end video of 18 seconds (the total play time of each video is not the same)…can i skip the first 18 seconds and last 18 seconds using the class “track”
i want to do this to the entire playlist containing more than 50 videos

I got your question right, but it was not very detailed.
I just wrote, that you can do it by changing the properties of each track

try this

property myPlayList : "myPlayList"

tell application "iTunes"
	repeat with oneTrack in (get tracks of playlist myPlayList)
		tell contents of oneTrack
			set start to 18.0
			set finish to (get duration - 18.0)
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell

Thank you very very much…Your script works perfectly…I dont know much about applescript so i could not understand your previous reply.
By taking time to write the script for me…you have saved (700 videos * 36 seconds)=25200 seconds of mine.
Thanks again

the script took less than two minutes to write :wink:

I want to know how to use this script for my podcasts. As much as i know, “Podcasts” is actually a special playlist. Obviously, all the different podcasts have different start and end time of their intro and concluding video. But different episodes of the same podcast have the same start and end time. How should i refer to different podcasts within the “Podcasts” playlist so that i can change the start and end time of all episodes of a particular podcast ?