Starting iTunes Visualizer?


I've been trying to find the script for starting the iTunes Visualizer, but I cant find it. Can anyone tell me?


Try this:

tell application "iTunes"
	activate --script error without this
	--if you want full screen, use the next line
         set full screen to true
         set visuals enabled to true
end tell

You need to activate iTunes first, otherwise the script won’t work.
It certainly doesn’t help people script for iTunes to use the term visuallizer and iTunes applescript to use the term visual…

Also, Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes is the place for all things scripting iTunes. Many scripts are editable, too. Makes learning easier!

Thanks, in the script I’m working on it starts up iTunes. This is great!


That’s what the activate command does. If the app isn’t running, it will open it. If it’s in the background, it will bring it to the front.