Startup Applescript

Hello everybody.

I have been plagued for a very long time by an annoying problem I haven’t been able to fix, no matter how hard I try.

Every morning after startup, I have to manually select the WiFi network I want to connect to.
As I have to startup several other features such as privoxy proxy server among others, I would like to automate everything with an AppleScript.

Does anybody know how to tell the computer from Applescrip to connect to the WiFi network “home-net” using password “password”?

Same thing applies to iChat: how can I tell in Applescript to startup iChat using password “password”?

I know it’s probably time for a fresh install however, doing so and importing the users prefs recreates the issue, most probably keychain-related.
I’ll wait for Leopard to fix all the above, in the meanwhile I would like to learn how to do this from AppleScript

Thanks in advance.



maybe you can solve your Airport problem without AppleScript.

A few options to fix it:
¢ delete all keychain items of this Airport network in (even in system.keychain)
¢ delete /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
¢ use a new created location in Network Settings
¢ delete the Airport port in Network Settings (a new one will be created automatically)