Stopping image spam in Entourage

I receive a large amount of image spam files through my email account which is managed through Entourage. Up to now haven’t found a solution to prevent them coming through to my inbox as the content is usually attached in a gif file format and therefore evades spam filters.

Hopefully someone out there is clever enough to write a script which moves all emails which contain .gif files into the junk folder so I can go back to a clean inbox once more.


turn off image display option…
view email as plain text, no HTML

or hire someone

Thanks for reply. Unfortunately as the attachment is a .gif file and not HTML this does not work.

Since posting yesterday and spending more time searching through previous threads I have worked out how to do this using rules: If the attachment contains .gif in it’s name then to mark as read and move to junk mail folder. I should have seen this before as it seems so simple yet effective.

This seems to be working for me as I don’t ever need to receive .gif files from my usual contacts.