storing records in a text file and reading to a menu

What I need to do is store data to a file (and make it easy to edit) for data for my program.

There needs to be a list with each data item in it, each of which contains four paramaters (one of which is a category, another is a name). On the application launch, it needs to be read into a menu and placed into the apropriate submenu, and the menu item needs to contain the name. I don’t need help with some of the details, but a general example to get started would be very helpful.

Here’s the code I have now, in case that helps any:

Thanks so much in advance, unless no one responds.

I posted a response in a thread a while back that had some code in it. I can’t find that thread now, but I did post the same code that reads text files on my web site: [url=][/url] Actually, that’s the only thing I have on my site right now. :smiley: It parses a pipe (“|”) delimited database and places a menu item for each record into a menu. Looks like what your trying to do…if not it’ll help you get an idea of what’s required.


in my plugin howto I generate a menu based on entries in plists which are very easy to edit and load with late night software’s property list tools osax (which you can distribute inside your application, as per … look down the page…). To create sub menus see