Strange Image

I have script that opens a register in QuickBooks 2016. I then try and resize it

tell application "QuickBooks 2016" to set the bounds of the front window to {65, 30, 1000, 1300}

However what happens is picture appears that looks like a card from rolodex I don’t know how to add picture.

however the window does not resize and as soon as I click on it the picture disappears.

Interestingly in only happens when the from window is a register in QB if its a report

OK Solved that the element that is selected when a register opens is the date in the form of a small calendar and that is what my command is addressing.

But now a new problem how do I move of that element, appreciate I could elect another element that does not have an image attached but to do that I need to know the name of the window (register) that is open?