strange "info for" behavior!

I’m using the “info for” command because it’s very fast compared to getting properties from system events. But I’m noticing some strange behavior. If I run this command I get the results immediately…

set a to path to desktop folder
set b to info for a

But if I run this the results take about 25 seconds to return…

set a to path to applications folder
set b to info for a

Can anybody explain what’s happening here?

Note: using 10.5.4 on ppc G5

Hi regulus,

info for calculates the size of the items, which can take ages in a folder like /Applications.
But there is a parameter to avoid it

set a to path to applications folder
set b to info for a without size

Really!!! That’s amazing. Thanks for that tip. It works perfect!

Okay regulus, taking a look at your recent posts I’m intrigued… What are you working on? :cool:

That’s funny James. Do I have you interested??? :smiley:

Actually it’s nothing big. I’m using a browser in an applescript studio app to present a user’s files to them, and the browser was really slow. So I’m just doing what I can to speed it up… and it works really nicely now. But of course I’ve had to use the deprecated commands “list disks”, “list folder” and “info for”, so maybe in 10.6 it will cease to function properly. Good news is by then I’ll be able to do this all with objective-c!