String to list coercion

I’ve been trying to create a program which will allow me to save style settings in the Terminal, and later reopen those settings. Only problem is that I store the information in lists, and when I try to retrieve the information it comes out as a string. For example, if I save the following list in a file:

{“LabelA”, “white”, {0, 0, -1, -20445}, “white”, “cyan”}

when I try to read it, the computer interprets it as

“{“LabelA”, “white”, {0, 0, -1, -20445}, “white”, “cyan”}”

which is a string. Is there any way that I can transform this string to it’s list equivalent? Only thing I can think of is to save the data a different way and use text item delimiters to seperate the info… does anyone know of a simpler solution? Or a general way to turn a string into a list?

PS: The list is put together as follows: {settingsName, cursor color, background color, normal text color, bold text color}. The background color is a bunch of numbers because it’s transparent

I found a script on this site that uses records to save the data, which works for me. Thank you!