Stunnel in macos x

Hi All,
I am trying to configure stunnel in mac os x.i have tried installing open ssl and configuring it and also configuring stunnel.But if i use the ps terminal command i dont see stunnel service running.Can anyone pls tell me how to configure stunnel in mac os x.

Thanks in Advance

Suresh, I am not familiar ‘stunnel’, but are you sure you installed it in your path of executables and set its privileges? From the type…

 which stunnel
--> which should return something like /Users/myusername/bin/stunnel

Now that you know it’s path, try

echo $PATH

if ‘stunnel’ is not within one of your paths of executables, you’ll half to (1) move it there ( 2) use an absolute path to ‘stunnel’ or (3) add the directory to your path of executables. If it is in your path, then you may need to set it’s privileges to an executable file…

chmod 755 stunnel