Stupid PC User Question

I know, I know, I’m a stupid PC user, but our Design Team Boys can’t help me and they’re the one’s that use them!!

One of them has had problems with Entourage and to cut it short we had to make him a new identity, but now we need to export his calender and import them to the new identity.

I have downloaded “Export-Import Entourage 2001 1.2.15” from this site, but I can not work out how to run it!! Script Editor won’t open it as it’s saved as “Run-Only” and I managed to find some help of “Script Runner” and then realized that it’s only for OS X. :?

I know this should be very easy, but what can I say, I’m stupid!! Your help would be much appreiciated!

Look in your disk for a folder called “Microsoft User Data”, which contains a folder called “Entourage Script Menu Items”, where you can place your script, and this will be accessible from Entourage’s own script menu.