subroutine to check if there is a newer version of your script

Here is some code that I wrote to check on a server if there is a newer version of the script.
In that case, the user is notified and offered to go to the download page.

Feel free to use. Looking forward to suggestions, how would you do / change it?

I put a simple text file on my server with the information of the latest version, e.g.:
1.2.3|2010/01/12|what is new

Applescript is pretty clever in comparing version numbers.
E.g. it knows 1.1.1 < 1.2.

property current_version : "1.1"
property check_for_updates : true -- optional: will check to see if there is an updated version of the script

if check_for_updates then
	set lets_get_new_version to check_latest_version(current_version) -- will show popup if there is a newer version
	if lets_get_new_version then return -- let's stop if the user wanted to open the browser to download the latest version
end if

-- rest of script

on check_latest_version(current_version)
	-- will only return "true" if the user decides to open the browser to download the new version
	set myurl to "http://.../latest_version_of_my_script.txt?" & current_version
	-- try to get the url with built in curl command, spend a maximum of 3 seconds to get it
	set mycmd to "/usr/bin/curl --fail --max-time 3 --output - " & myurl & " 2> /dev/null"
	set myloc to "http://.../home_page_of_my_script"
		set myoutput to do shell script mycmd
	on error
		-- could not check the latest version, will skip and go back to regular programme...
		return false
	end try
	set {latest_version, version_date, version_description} to parse_version_output(myoutput)
	if (current_version < latest_version) then
			set open_site to display dialog "New version available: " & latest_version & ¬
				" (" & version_date & ")" & return & "You have version: " & current_version & return & return & ¬
				"New in this release: " & version_description & return & return & "Go to site?" buttons {"Skip", "Yes"} ¬
				default button "Yes" giving up after 20 with title "New version of plug-in available"
		on error
			return false -- user pressed Skip
		end try
		if button returned of open_site is "Yes" then
				tell application "System Events" to open location myloc -- open in default browser
			on error
				return false
			end try
			return true -- if we arrive here: we opened the browser, user is going to download
		end if
	end if -- compare current_version to latest_version
	return false -- if we arrive here: we already have latest version
end check_latest_version

on parse_version_output(output)
	set savedDelimiters to AppleScript's text item delimiters
		set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"|"} -- output looks like "1.2.3|2010/01/12|what is new"
		set {myversion, mydate, mydesc} to text items of output
	on error
		set AppleScript's text item delimiters to savedDelimiters
	end try
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to savedDelimiters -- reset the delimiter to the original state
	return {myversion, mydate, mydesc}
end parse_version_output