Suggestions for speeding up image display


I am building an image viewer, kind of like an Adobe Bridge lite that works specifically with our archival databases and other proprietary stuff. The images that will be viewed are PSD files and they will be viewed across a network. The images will also be 20-30-40MB. So I am looking for advice in two areas:

  1. Are there any methods, tricks, shamanistic rituals I can perform to enhance the speed of displaying a file.

  2. Adobe Bridge seems to cache images you have already viewed, is there a means to do this with AS-S and if so what kind of memory issues should I be aware of/taking precautions for.

No code yet, just planning this project out. My C skills are rudimentary at best though I have taken it upon myself to learn it and have run through some tutorials (MacTech magazine, despite being the worst layed out magazine ever, has an excellent Road To Code series that has been really helpful). In other words, if offering me some C/Objective-C/Cocoa explanation just kind of type slowly so I can understand what’s going on…:slight_smile:


And I am sad. :frowning: