Suitcase Fusion Adding Fonts to Font Sets

Just got Suitcase Fusion and am trying to get my scripts adapted to it but am having difficulty. It works 95% of the way, I just can’t get one little bit to work: adding the fonts to the new font set. According to the dictionary the second line in the tell block below should add them into newSet but it doesn’t. And since I couldn’t add the fonts to the set, I resort to activating each font individually instead of activating the set.

if jobFonts is not {} then
	tell application "Suitcase Fusion"
		set newSet to make new Font Set with properties {name:fontFolderName}
		set addedFonts to (add jobFonts in newSet with temporary)
		repeat with thisFont in addedFonts
				set activation status of thisFont to activated temporarily
			end try
		end repeat
	end tell
end if

Here is the dict refs for the various commands I’ve tried:

add‚v : Add the specified font file(s) to the database.
add list of alias : List of files to open.
[temporary boolean] : whether to add the font temporarily (until restart)
[in reference] : Which specific set to add the font files to.

add reference‚v : Add a reference to the item to a set
add reference reference : the object to be referenced
to reference : the container (set) to add a reference to the item to

move‚v : move the item
move reference : the object to move
to reference : where to move the item to
[from reference] : where to move item from if it is in more than one location

Basically, I’m scanning the desktop for job folders, checking the job folder for fonts in their font folder, then, if needed, creating the font set in Suitcase, adding the fonts to the database, adding the fonts to the font set, and activating the fonts.

I’ve tried various combinations of tell blocks, ‘add reference’ instead of just ‘add,’ and even ‘move’ but nothing has worked. Any advice, code, or links would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Joseph, it has been a few months since you posted but try this, it worked for me.

tell application "Finder"
	choose folder without invisibles
	set wtf to result
	set wtf to files of wtf's entire contents as alias list
end tell

tell application "Suitcase Fusion"
	set ffs to make new Font Set with properties {name:"ffs"}
	add wtf in ffs
	set the activation status of ffs to activated temporarily
end tell