Swift Standard Library in ASOC

is there any (relatively) easy way to use some of the swift standard library stuff in ASOC? isEmpty: comes to mind as kind of convenient.

Short story: No

ah well, not surprised, but still.

I came across this recently. And haven’t had
I use it yet. But as I’m getting more into Xcode and searching for things.
So much of what I’m finding in tutorials, examples, playgrounds etc is in Swift.

It’s funny cause when I was learning OBJC the syantax was intially confusing and
I would always refer to the Swift versions as they seemed to match the Apple script syntaxing.

As I’m venturing further past foundation and app kit I know there will be a point
Where I will need to integrate some Swift into code.
(As I’ve already had To do with creating a JavaScript OSA library)
So this video will definitely be referred to.

Since Shane didn’t say NO. Just
Not easy. You would probably have to come up with a wrapper
Framework and include into a library.

Please post any adventures you have with Swift as I’m curious!