Switch between iCloud accounts?

It seems that OS X 10.9 is going to include a lot of features that let you save data (like pages that you want to revisit in Safari) to your iCloud account. A lot of us are going to want to be able to separate our work data from our personal data, and one way to do this might be an Applescript that switches iCloud from one account to another without logging out and in again.

I’ve begun to think about how to do this in AppleScript, and I’m not sure it’s even practical, because it seems to require deleting data from an existing account and then downloading it again. I wonder if anyone else has already done something like this in Applescript and, if so, you might be willing to post your work here? Thanks for any suggestions or help with writing a script like this.


you might get no answers, because 10.9 is a developer preview and the registered developers had to sign an NDA

I was trying to write the script under 10.8, to see whether it was practical to switch iCloud accounts without switching to another OS X user account. So far, it seems slow and impractical, so I’ll wait until 10.9 appears to see if it can be done more easily.