Switch Button Matrix cell weirdness

Using ASS:
I’m getting a weird return from a single variable (sd2fCB) that, as seen in the example, returns 2 different results without any intervening code. (see the 2 log messages)

The variable refers to a cell (check box) in a matrix of check boxes that, when coerced to text, first returns “«constant ****on S»” then immediately after, and continuing from then on, returns “on state”. (same problem occurs with vice-versa - the “off” state). Once the app quits and is relaunched, the double return values occur again as stated above.

While I can work around it by keeping the “log” code in the application, (this will “flush-out” the first value returned - since what I really want is the subsequent values that are returned - ie. the text “on state” for use in the app - ), I’d like to know why this is happening and if there isn’t a more graceful solution.

By the way, before the coercion to text, the variable’s return value is “1.869488211E+9” for “on state”.

Any thoughts?


on savePrefs()
	tell window prefWindow
		set sd2fCB to state of cell "sd2fCB" of matrix "audioTypesMatrix" of box "audioTypesBox"
		log (sd2fCB as text) & " - 1st log"
		log (sd2fCB as text) & " - 2nd log"
	end tell
end savePrefs

my log results are:

[Session started at 2005-07-06 17:12:38 -0700.]
2005-07-06 17:12:39.793 RG MP3 Converter[13592] "«constant ****on S» - 1st log"
2005-07-06 17:12:40.088 RG MP3 Converter[13592] "on state - 2nd log"
Executable "MP3 Converter" has exited with status 0.

Model: 2.5 dual G5
AppleScript: 2.0
Browser: Firefox 1.0.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.9)