Switching between tab view using a keyboard command


I would like to attach a keyboard command, e.g., tab, to switch between tab views.

The Xcode documentation says that one can switch between tab views by pressing “tab”. I was assuming this was built-in but I noticed that it works only in the IB while editing. After compilation, when I press “tab” to switch the tab view, I only get an alert sound…no further action.

I tried to see if there’s something that could be programmed in the IB. When I opened the Inspector for the tab view, I did not see anything remotely relevant (with the little that I know) that would let me assign (programmatically or directly in the IB) a keyboard command shortcut.

Another question – Is it possible to apply the First Responder for non-text tab view items? I can see its relevance to editable text fields but would like to know if it can be applied to radio button items on other objects in the tab view. Or may be that is really a stupid question - but I think has practical value.

Thanks a lot for any help.

archseed :frowning:

Hi All,

Still thinking how you can help? Take your time.

Meanwhile, a few corrections here - when I checked the Xcode documentaion on tab view, it says you can move between tab views either by clicking (no problem here) or by using the arrow key (this one’s not working and that’s why I asked if there is something that needs to be done to activate this).

If the arrow key is truly not working, I intend to use UI scripting to see if I can switch between tab views. I just want to make sure that this is not a waste of time if there’s really a valid answer as to why the arrow key doesn’t work.

My question on applying First Responder to radio buttons in a tab view still stands. Is this possible?

Thanks for any help or lead. BTW, I have been scanning the this specific forum for possible help but I don’t see anything that might help.

archseed :frowning: