Switching tab views looks like a crossover transition

Switching from one tab view to another often looks like a crossover transition where the elements from both tab views are visible at the same time for a brief time period. Is this normal? If not, what is the proper procedure to prevent this from happening?

Thanks, AKS

I apologize for what might be a waste of the forum’s time reading this post and for being totally clueless as to why there has been not even a peep of a response. I’ll give this question one more try. I have an Applescript Studio application that uses tab views in the main menu. It is built with the most up to date tools but started years ago. Often when switching between tabs the contents of both the current tab view and the next tab view are visible for a short period of time. I have never seen this happen in any other Mac application so I am wondering if this is caused by something in my code or if this is normal behavior for an Applescript Studio application.