Syntax-Highlighting changes font properties (code looks messed up)


I’m pretty sure, many of you have noticed the same, as i have already seen this on different machines and OS’s.
When you write code, its in one “textformat”.
As soon as you compile/translate it, the Syntax_highlighting takes action and formats the code correctly.
But the spaces between some of the characteres is smaller than it should be, resulting in hardly readable text and overlayed chars.

is this normal, does it have some purpose, or is it just a programming error from apple?
and of course, anyway we can avoid this?

Are you talking about Xcode?

xCode as well applescript editor.

it looks like this

Try changing the font. I use Inconsolata but any fixed width font should do.
Once I changed my font the issue went away.

Thanks Craig, this worked.
Funny that I had to change the settings in the Scripteditor to apply in Xcode :slight_smile:

Anyway it works now.

I still wonder, WHY apple uses a non-fixed width font for coding.

Not sure.

I make a lot of changes to the colors and the font and font size so I keep a backup of the file. One for use with a black background and one for a white background. There are times when this file gets reset to default values when I have not wanted it to. It is nice to simply copy the backup file into the prefs folder and have my settings back.