system info on mac os x using apple script ( obviously )

I would like an apple script that attains the local and remote apple macs system info and outputs it into one text file which is stored on a main computer of my choice in a specific area of my choice ie

The script enumerates all the info of the local and remote apple macs ( system info that only includes the following )

System name
CPU Speed
Ram Type
Amount of Ram installed ( on a per slot basis and in a per mb per slot basis )
Amount of ram slots
Total amount of ram ( in mb )
I.P Address of machine
MAC address of machine

I did find that Mac OS X uses open transport or something like that but wasnt getting very far with this, I am used to using WMI on windows that or API’s in visual basic :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreicated.


P.S I think there is an updated version of apple script , maybe someone can post back and let me know if there is or not lol

If have many Macs to take care of, then you should consider using Apple’s Remote Desktop.

What version of OS X does this script need to run on?

That is fair enough at the remote desktop suggestion :

i am just used to wmi and connecting to machines remotely via the scripts so that would be nice feature to have in this script.

It is to run on mac os x.

10.4.4 or 10.4.5

I am using 10.4.5