[system sound] checking mute status?

So this afternoon, I’ve been looking to make an applescript that can tell whether or not my system is muted. The mute value is different than testing the volume level, and I don’t want to have to use the gui scripting as that forces the script to open the system preferences, which is a little kludgy.

Anyone know of an oasx that has what I need? I can’t seem to find one…

This script requires Jon’s Commands X 3.0d3, Scripting Addition.

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Ya - I installed that early on in this quest :-). However the ‘sound volume’ value seems to operate independently of the mute setting. It returns whatever the volume is set to regardless as to whether the sound is muted or not. And it’s a value from 0-256.

I’m using Panther (10.3), so that may be the reason for the example not working for me. Or is there a flag for ‘sound volume’ that I’m unaware of? I am new to applescript (though am relatively experienced with other scripting languages).

Hmmm, I see what you mean now, Mute is independent of the sound volume.