Tab Index

I hope I’m saying this correctly— Is there a way to set a tab index? Example, multiple text fields on a window, when you press tab it takes you from left to right top to bottom. Can this be changed, leaving some out or changing the order?

While, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure, the idea of the NSForm object just struck me. I’ve always wondered what that was and what made it any different from normal text fields, but I wonder if the tab-dealy is part of it…

I’m looking for an answer to this same question as well. Can’t seem to find anything in the apple documentation.

edit: of course I find the answer a few minutes later:

the solution is in the interface builder help, if you search for “enable tabbing”, I’ve copied the relevant section here:

To set up a chain of objects the user can tab amongst:

-Choose Layout > Keyboard Navigation > Show Keyboard Check.

-Select the object that should receive keyboard events when the window first appears on screen, and choose Layout > Keyboard Navigation > Make Initial First Responder.

-For each object in the chain, Control-click from one object to the next and click Connect. Since keyboard check is on, nextKeyView is automatically selected in the Connections panel. (It’s easy to forget to click the "connect’ button)

Works like a champ, though once you specify one connection, you have to make them all, as once you start customizing, the automatic tabbing will stop working