Table Data Source

Hello everyone need some help, the following script is suppost to allow someone to select a file or several files and then display them simply in a table view. Easy :smiley: not for me! :oops: can someone please show me the error of my ways?

set ds to make new data source at the end of data sources
set tv to table view “selector” of scroll view “selectedWindow” of window “shoppingBasket”
set col to make new data column at end of data columns of ds with properties {names:“files”}
set fullfilepath to {}

on clicked theObject

set pathFromroot to "/RAID/Data"

if name of theObject is equal to "chooseButton" then
	tell application "Finder"
		choose file with prompt "Please select a file"
		set selectedfile to POSIX path of result
		set completeFilepath to pathFromroot & selectedfile
		set fullfilepath to completeFilepath
	end tell
end if

end clicked

repeat with aName in fullfilepath
set aRow to make new data row at end of data rows of ds
set contents of data cell “files” of aRow to aName
end repeat
set data source of tv to ds
Thanks in advance