Table View - Any info about setting up

I am having a hard time using table view. Does anyone know where I can go for the basics of how to set one up? I am totally not getting it for some reason…

What are you not getting? What are you trying to do? What have you tried already? Have you looked at the apple examples and searched this forum for answers to your questions already, because there are LOTS of posts that cover the fundamentals… as well as some more complex techniques… of table views. Table views are complex, so the advice someone may give may largely depend on what you’re trying to achieve. If you haven’t figured it out based on the examples given in existing forum posts, you may be trying to do something more advanced that requires a more customized example. Give us a little to go on because no one really wants to start with table views from the beginning AGAIN.

I didn’t find any examples in the Developer folder. SHould there there be some there??

Searching the site I found a lot of answers to specific problems but nothing explaining the basics of how they work.

Here is what I have so far based on stuff I copied and pasted from other posts. In Interface builder I created a new project, dragged in a table view and named the scroll view “scrollView” and the table view “tableView”. What I have does not currently work.

on launched theObject
	set picturetable to make new data source at end of data sources with properties {name:"Testing"}
	set theObject to table view "tableView" of scroll view "scrollView" of window "mainWindow"
	set theRow to make new data row at the end of the data rows of data source picturetable of table view "tableView" of scroll view "scrollView" of window "main"
	set contents of data cell 1 of theRow to "Dummy_Data"
	set data source of theObject to picturetable
end launched

So, I didn’t see a tutorial on this site. Is there one I missed? Or is there something on the Apple site? I find it very difficult to find anything on the Apple site for some reason. The search engine seems to return a million things that are barely related to the search…

Again, I am looking for advice where to go for general info about how tables work. Specific advice about what is wrong with the above code would be great but I also want to understand what is going on.


Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

Yes, in:
/Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/
such as Simple Table, Table, Table Reorder, Table Sort


Hmmm. I only have Developer/Example/Java/.

I guess I will download XCode 2.5 to make sure I have everything I am supposed to have.