Table view with in row button?

Can somebody tell me if this is possible using applescript studio. I wish to have a 2 column table with column 1 containing a pop up button with a populated list, the 2nd column would have just a button that when clicked would add a additional row with the same initial values of the previous row.

Any examples of this would be greatly appreciated, if it is possible.

Hmmn, you can have an NSPopUpButtonCell in the first row and an NSButtonCell in the second row. By default the NSButtonCell will be a check box but you can change that in it’s attributes in IB. But then you’ll have a button in all your rows and I’m not sure this is what you want.

Actually, I think the idea is sound, user interface wise. Having a button at the end of a row to add another row and also one to delete the row makes sense, but with ASS needing a button individually named and connected to the code… i dont know if it would work. I need to try it.

petekin74, the popup buttons in a table are easy to manage. You only need an integer in the data cell of the data source (starting at 0) to have the corresponding menu item selected in the popup menu. Same thing when you retrieve the values, it gives you back integers…

Look at this thread:
same idea…

As for the button, it would be quite easy, just need to figure out which button was clicked in the table, and since they are created by code… Need to try it before I can say more.


Browser: Safari 531.9
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)