Table View works in 10.4, but not 10.3

Wow, didn’t know that writing an app for two different operating system versions was such a pain.

Okay… here is the scoop…

The below code works perfectly in 10.4 but not in 10.3.9. While it executes with no errors, no data shows up. Any ideas?

set tableView to table view "view1" of scroll view "view1_table" of tab view item "view1_tab" of tab view "tab_collection" of window "main"
set content of tableView to {{"one", "two", "three"},{"one", "two", "three"}}
tell tableView to update

Any ideas? Could it be a Interface Builder issue?

Try your question in the Applescript Studio forum since table view I believe refers to NSTableView, a Cocoa class.