Table view works in 10.4 but not under 10.3? Ideas?


I have an application. I take a datasource and apply it to the Table View. It works just as I want it to work when running the application under Tiger. However, under Panther, it appears to work w/o any errors, yet the data never shows up. I have verfied this with multiple machines running 10.4 and 10.3.

Any ideas?

set tableView to table view "mytable" of scroll view "myscrollsaw" of tab view item "mytab" of tab view "TabCollection" of window "main"
set content of tableView to dataSource
tell tableView to update

This is just killing me. I don’t know if it’s an issue with Interface Builder difference, an issue with the code or what?

Thanks for any input folks.

Can you post your data (just a couple records) and the definition for the datasource? The reason I ask is because I stumbled over tables in Panther myself until I realized that the names of some of the records (things like “name” and “item”) were being interpreted as properties of some object instead of field names in my record. The way to get around that is to put the vertical bar character “|” around them.

set theNames to {}
	tell application "Address Book"
		repeat with myperson in (every person whose first name is greater than " ")
			set |name| of addressbookRecord to name of myperson
			set |id| of addressbookRecord to id of myperson
			set end of addressbookData to contents of addressbookRecord
		end repeat
	end tell
	-- Create the data source; this places it in the application
	--  object's data source elements. (Assign it to table view below.)
	set theDataSource to make new data source at end of data sources with properties {name:"names"}