Tableview Selection being "called" when I'm setting content

I have a table view. And Array controller.
2 ‘delgates’ of the table view one in AppleScript and one in a Xcode controller.

I can fill the table view with new data no problem.
but if I select anything in the table view it can’t.

I have it set so that I select the table view.
Detail view update.
A button to search the selected row.

Thru logging everything executes ok until I go to update the table view
in my applescript when I call arrayController setContent:{}
It triggers a TableViewSelection did change notification when they jumps
to trying to update the detail before it can populate the table content array.

Any ideas?


No object can have more than one delegate.

I see. I’m guessing thru other reading I’ve done that there can be
“Parents” and “children”.

Now that I’ve been using Xcode a great deal.
I’ve been developing all my stuff in Xcode/
With custom classes. I’m going to ask my next question.
In the other post.