tableView sorting and editing

Hi All,

I have a tableView with one column. It is controlled by an arrayController. You can edit the cells within the column fine but if you click on the header to sort first and then try to edit a cell, it immediately sorts so you can never add more than one character at a time. I just noticed this. Anyone have an idea how to have editing and sorting coexist?

Thanks, Rob

Are you using bindings? I’ve seen this behavior if in your column binding you have the box for “Continuously Updates Value” checked and your array controller has the “Auto Rearrange Content” box checked. Unchecking either of those should fix the problem.


Hi Ric,

Yes - “Auto Rearrange Content” was the culprit. I had transferred my app to xcode 4.1 and though it was unchecked it still behaved badly. I checked and unchecked it in 4.1 and built, and now it is ok! There seem to be some things that need to be redone, or rebuilt anyway, in 4.1.

thanks, Rob