tableview :(


Been trying for like 3 days now to get more than one file to load in a tableview

i’ve got 3 files i need to load to a tableview, one file pr cell, how the hell do i do this :((


does somebody have an idea for this??

Are you trying to load file references or file paths?

Have you checked out the AppleScript Studio Table Examples?
They are a very good resource.

Also, I found this the other day. A great example of how to load
images in table cells.

Here is another tutorial on tables.



Hello Craig.

i’ll have a look on the links you provided but im almost about to giveup, i don’t have the knowledge to create applications like this.
even as i want to :confused:

Don’t give up. Once you get started with Studio you will be hooked!

I would watch the videos on There is a lot you learn from
watching someone actually write the code.

Everyone here is very willing to help. Be detailed in your request and
what you are trying to accomplish and show us what you have so
far. This way we are not guessing at what you need.

Programming is not easy but it sure is exciting!



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